Cloud-based systems development 

Develop cloud-based systems & implement cloud server based on your needs. Adopt worldwide trend of remote working & infuse digital culture into your work environment. 

Cloud-based systems

Why business should use cloud-based systems

Remote management is the trend – cloud-based systems facilitate businesses to manage data anywhere with mobile devices; ensures system runs smoothly with backup & updated security solutions for data protections.

How technine can help

Companies look for systems development & solutions that best suit their operation flow. They always need to reuse their existing database. We help you plan, develop & implement cloud-based systems with possible use of 3rd party tools that can get a good balance of time-to-market, cost & user-friendliness.

What cloud-based systems we can create 

We develop cloud-based systems which allow accessibility anywhere with network for WFH (work from home) mode. We gather details from clients, understand their workflow & provide suggestions on cloud-based system design to help them solve business problems & streamline operations.

How cloud-based systems project starts 

Project manager will be assigned to keep up with progress after contract confirmation. Development will only be started with your approval on timeline & system logic flow. User acceptance tests (UAT) & debug processes will be performed to ensure the cloud-based systems work well before official launch.

How about outsource staffing

We allow flexibility in cloud-based systems development & project management by providing secondment services. Feel free to contact us for additional arrangement.

Why technine

We have in-house human resources – teams of cloud-based systems developers, IoT engineers & project managers to handle projects, help you select the most suitable cloud server & ensuring project completion with good usability for your businesses. 

Client success stories

Contact us for advice on cloud-based systems, IoT or blockchain systems development.

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