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technine is a Hong Kong-based software development company that specializes in app development, cloud-based systems development, 3rd-party systems integrations and cloud deployment.

We focus on UX/UI design to enhance user experience for every application end-user.

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App development
app development

Mobile app development

We support app development for iOS, Android & HarmonyOS with modern UI design that streamline business operations and serve as a tool to reach potential customers, thereby boosting sales revenue.


Cloud-based systems development  

We provide ready-to-use or customised cloud-based systems with simple UX that can help organizations digitize procedures with filterable reports for data-driven decisions.

Cloud-based systems
App development

IoT solutions

With our home-grown IoT Hub, companies can control various IoT devices with different protocol standards through a single application, a mobile app, & manage usage data through a centralized admin panel.

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Web3 solutions & DApps development

We provide blockchain adoption advice, DApps development & NFT services to support Web3 transformation for enterprises to create new streams of revenue.  

App development

AI Application & Automation Solution

We specialize in AI applications and automation solutions that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to drive efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage for our clients. Our scope includes NLP, vision analysis, image generation, and data cleaning, offering enhanced decision-making, operational efficiency, and improved data quality. Additionally, our AI capabilities enable cost-effective content generation and image creation.

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Benefiting from the worldwide trend to shifting everything online, technine has been rapidly rising with exponential growth by helping companies adopt cloud-based systems & provide app development services to support their digital transformation journey.

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