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technine blockchain 區塊鏈
technine blockchain 區塊鏈

Blockchain Technology Solution

Most companies from different industries aim to improve their complex business processes to be smoother and more efficient. The Blockchain technology (aka Distributed Ledger) can be contributed on reshaping the workflows and ensure transactions are completed quickly. Professional industries such as banking, aviation, and the medical community also need to utilize the rapid management and privacy protection, as well as combining with artificial intelligence-oriented intelligent consulting functions.

  • Fast – Time saving
  • Trustless
  • Irreversibility
  • Censorship Resistant
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System Development Solution

During intense business competitions, efficiency significantly determines who stays and who leaves the market. The adoption of technology breakthrough is a solution to enhance business efficiency and profitability.

technine acts as a reliable IT partner providing customized system-related solutions such as ERP systems, CRM systems, and SAP systems. These help businesses to smoothen complex processes by applying a variety of specialized software applications.

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technine ERP CRM Booking System
technine ERP CRM Booking System

Mobile App Solution

Mobile Applications is the indispensable element in our smart city life. Yet, for business, the monetization of the mobile apps is the true way to adapt, transform and grow your business. With the statistics of App download and App spending, they shows the consumer behavior trend and active level.

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Other Solutions

Web Solution

A good company website can help your business to grow with matching your search engine optimization performance. To stand out from countless competitor websites, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

UI & UX Design

Interface design and user experience, as the name implies, is to make the best user experience for web design or App design. Excellent interface design and system flow can give users a good impression, which will deliver the conversion rate.

IT Consulting Services

Many companies need expertise in cloud computing, network security, big data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). Our professional senior IT consultants can help companies to suggest their strategic IT plan based on their actual situation.

Cloud Solution and Maintenance

In a time when cloud applications are booming, you should choose low-maintenance and high-quality cloud server hosting services. Cloud servers provide faster computing performance than standalone servers.

Big Data Solution

At the commercial level, the biggest usage help you to use data for analyzing the characteristics of your business such as identifying consumer identities and groups, guessing their behavioral habits from the user’s timeline of action, and describing values such as business.

Kiosk System & IoT Application

Kiosk is an interactive multimedia machine that allows users to get services in the form of self-service include ordering and checkout. It can be functioned as delivering more efficient services to target customers while saving human resources and significantly reducing costs.

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