About technine


technine is delegated to foster the development of smart city concepts with innovation and technology to enhance sustainability, efficiency, and safety of the city.


  • With the presence of innovation and technology, we empower businesses to hack the growth and lead the market.
  • Through the enhancement and automation of operation process, we assist business to improve performance and efficiency.
  • With IT innovation, we strive to streamline existing business workflow process and enhance the productivity by lightening the resource, increasing the mobility and offering seamless customer relationship.
  • We aspire to break through business bottleneck and optimize return by adopting IT solution, in the way of improving customer experience and facilitating the new product/ service development. Hence, market expansion and market share acquisition can be achieved.
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technine is your dedicated IT service solution provider. We pride ourselves on our team’s great IT expertise and endless ambition in IoT industry. As the comprehensive one-stop IT solution partner and growth hackers in Hong Kong as well as the APAC, we help companies to rethink and transform their approach to growth through IT innovation.

IT transformation is all the rage as it is one of the best ways to smash your business bottlenecks and hack the growth in the fast-changing digital world. technine.io ‘s ability is to identify company’s challenge, manage and deliver IT solutions tailored for each client’s needs, in order to grow and transform them to a successful start-up, a competent marketer, or a sought-after professionals in specific industry.

Our Nine Values

As technine, we have our own philosophy on helping our client and hack the growth to reach the pinnacle of business, formulating in NINE aspects:

Our Clients


Resource-lightening and enhance productivity efficiency


Loyal in faith to offer the best IT solution


Adapting big data to analyze the incoming market trend and grip the business chance before your competitor


Generate sustainable profit by perfecting your business model


Consolidate the customer relationship in short and long term


Lead your customers bringing customers to admire your business


Focuses on the brand-building aspects of the IT innovation


Identify individual as your potential customers


Process where your user actually get in touch with your business

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