Launch of video: When Web3 insiders met to discuss the fallacies of blockchain & NFT!

Live4Well and technine launches insightful video featuring web3 experts: 

Debunk blockchain fallacies and promote business applications of disruptive technologies

We were glad to meet Live4Well (, a web3 health management platform to discuss with us about implementing web3 solutions for real-life applications. 

“The disruptive blockchain technologies have been misunderstood by the public.” Ryan Ip, our chief technology officer (CTO) clarified the fallacies through a discussion with Web3 industry peers from Live4Well. This platform is a sustainable and perfect example to make good use of Web3 solutions, which could be beneficial to its business as well as public health. 

The video is now available on our YouTube channel. Watch it now to get the latest trends from Web3 industry experts and receive advice on how to plan ahead for adopting Web3 solutions and NFT services in order to transform businesses.