AWS DeepRacer Team Building Event

We are delighted to share that technine successfully organized a team-building event at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) HK office this morning!

During this event, we experience the power of AWS DeepRacer, the ultimate tool for introducing Machine Learning (ML) to our team. With its virtual 3D racing simulator and 1/18th scale autonomous RC cars, we immersed ourselves in a world of collaborative learning and friendly competition. 

AWS DeepRacer provided us with a unique opportunity to foster organization-wide collaboration and develop a culture of ML proficiency. No matter where in the world your team is located, AWS DeepRacer offers online, in-person, and hybrid events that make learning ML fun, inclusive, and accessible.

We extend our gratitude to the AWS account team for their exceptional support in organizing this event and guiding us through the world of AWS DeepRacer. Their expertise and resources were instrumental in making this team-building experience a tremendous success. 

technine firmly believes in the power of continuous learning and innovation. This event has not only strengthened our bond as a team but has also accelerated our ML journey. We are excited to apply our newfound knowledge and skills to drive groundbreaking advancements for our clients.