Play-to-earn NFT games that you should know (2)

The public used to think that it was meaningless to spend time playing games, but the exponential growth of  NFT games makes “play to earn” come true. We will continue to introduce several NFT games and show how “play to earn” works.

A popular NFT Game – Alien Worlds

According to the DappRadar leaderboard, Alien Worlds is the top NFT game. Players could mint TLM tokens in the game and sell NFT tools that are found by mining. Alien Worlds was a typical play-to-earn NFT game that truly realizes the desperation to make money by playing games.

TLM token is the native pass for the game and supports both Wax and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. Players can buy tools, weapons and vote by TLM. Active players can earn more TLM tokens as reward by frequent mining. 

However, players need to have their WAX cloud wallet ready before playing in the Alien Worlds. The private key of TLM token earned in the game will be stored in this wallet. Then players can apply for an Alien Worlds account and start earning NFT and tokens. 

Sell virtual lands as NFT – The Sandbox

The Sandbox allows players to freely trade NFT lands in the game. The value and tokens of land are linked to real currency. Although The Sandbox is a virtual world, the land in the game is as limited as the real world. The total amount of land is 166,464, of which about 74% are reserved for sale.

The most expensive NFT land has been sold for more than $4 million. What are the reasons for this high value of land actually? Apart from the size of the land, the neighbors around will also be taken into consideration. If social events and exhibitions are held nearby, there will be a greater chance of attracting visitor traffic, and hence it adds value to that land. 

In The Sandbox, players can also charge tourists for visiting fees, renting them out, or using them to display NFT digital artworks and hold group social events. It allows players to decorate their lands and increase the value of their NFT. Binance is also one of the partners of The Sandbox and currently holds 2.4% of the total land area.

Create your own NFT planet – Evolution Land

On Evolution Land, players are required to select the NFT land on the planet at the beginning but the choices of land are also limited. Then, they need to choose a professional role and produce, operate or build different projects on their land to increase the NFT value of the land. Users can also put the land into auctions for bid and sell. 

There are several different occupational roles in the game such as miners, exercisers, construction workers and transport workers, but the landlord does not have any occupation. Different occupations have their own characteristics. For example, miners can collect the elements of gold, wood, water and fire. There are Evolution Land players claimed that the NFT lands help them multiply their investments on the game more than hundred times! 

Play-to-earn becomes more popular among online gamers and cryptocurrency users. However newbies should have more research and before putting in a reasonable amount of investment. 

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