Riding on business cloud services to enhance business flexibility

(此文章只提供英文版)While digital is playing a weighed more important role in our lives, especially in the workplace. It further proves the saying of “data is an asset”.

Thanks to the advanced cloud computing technologies, people and enterprises are now riding on personal or business cloud services to protect themselves from related risks. 

Deploy Business Cloud Services as a Disaster Recovery 解決方案

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Business cloud services are similar to what we understand as Google Drive or iCloud. They can act as a remote server to provide a scalable backup and recovery plan. With cloud backup, businesses can opt to duplicate and store certain data and applications in an additional server. In case of system failure or outage, data can be retrieved from the cloud-based backup server. Thus, deploying business cloud services could act as a disaster recovery solution (數據恢復).

Cloud Computing Services are Replacing the Traditional Ones

In fact, there is an obvious trend that businesses are adopting cloud-based services to replace the traditional ones. It is easy to understand, as you can tell that people nowadays are no longer using USB, a kind of physical external hard drive. Instead, the majority have already turned to cloud solutions, like Dropbox. However, have you thought of the reason behind it? 

A Cost-effective Option with Feasibility

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Due to the scalability features of the cloud solution, cloud computing services can provide backup solutions with flexible storage. Users can select the backup storage capabilities based on demands, it is totally depending on your preference, and is under your control. 

For example, users can feel free to scale up the data storage during the seasonal peak and scale down after that. Plan can be selected based on demands in a bid to achieve better resources utilization.

Ease of Using

Another advantage of using cloud services is that it is easy to use. As the users are not hosting the cloud platform, regular upgrades and maintenance are handled by the service providers instead. Cost, including money, time, and workforce can be saved. 

Besides, you can easily access the desired services anytime and anywhere. Rapid response can be offered, even it is for disaster recovery. For example, cloud-based servers enable users to visit and restore the desired files and systems rapidly once demands arise.

Upgrade your Business to The Next Level

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Of course, business cloud services are not only limited to cloud storage with backup and disaster recovery plans. Businesses can also benefit from other cloud computing services in order to enjoy an all-rounded business enhancement. Yet, cloud storage for backup and recovery is a worth considering option to start your business cloud computing services.