technine’s 3 episodes on Invest Smarter (智富通) of ViuTV are available on our Youtube Channel NOW!

technine was invited by ViuTV to be part of their famous financial TV program – Invest Smarter (智富通). Our 3 episodes were broadcast in September, they are all available on our YouTube channel.

1st episode: 本地初創疫市高速發展,轉危為機成功開闢新業務

Our co-founders, Ryan Ip and Lucas Mo shared their stories, attitudes and success formula about how they establish technine and tackle all challenges on the way to grow the company into today’s scale. 

2nd episode: 迎合市場開發無接觸式雲端門禁系統,為企業減輕營運成本

Lucas Mo, our COO shared how we are inspired by the pandemic and develop our own cloud-based QR code access control system as well as IoT solution, and how it fulfills market needs for new remote and contactless business models. 

3rd episode: 投入區塊鏈業務、NFT及智能合約開發,介紹企業層面應用

technine has been growing a team for blockchain business with experts in the field. Blockchain is not only about crypto but highly secure data storage. Our blockchain expert and CTO Ryan Ip introduced how businesses can leverage NFT as an immutable certificate, and other blockchain applications for enterprises. 

We are glad to announce that our YouTube Channel is ready! Subscribe to our channel and get updated information on technine!

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