HK Startup Invests in Access Control to Empower Bizs Towards Growth

Nearly 4 years have passed since the coronavirus outbreak. Though this pandemic has put the brakes on almost every sector, some considered it as a great chance to defy outdated practices while paving a new way for what’s ahead. “In anticipation of the COVID-19, the market began to realize the importance of self-servicing, contactless operation as well as remote management, leading to a surge in demand for cloud-based access control systems,” said Lucas Mo Tsun-ming, the Chief Operating Officer of NineSmart and technine.

Putting Security Before Digital Transformation

As one of the emerging trends in the post-pandemic world, hybrid mode is gaining rapidly in popularity in recent years. With an aim to accelerate the digital transformation while avoiding data breaches, companies across industries – such as institutions, shared offices, mini-storage, new residential buildings, hotels and stores, have been actively adopting smart technology, cloud-based services and cyber threat intelligence.

However, compared to information security, the importance of physical security is often overlooked.

Hybrid mode is partially online and partially offline. Similar to information that is put online is all at risk of being hacked, leaving the physical devices unattended is equally susceptible, for example, unmanned doors increase the chance of break-ins, keys to safety boxes might get stolen, security labor could possibly encounter shortages.

During this economic downturn, the vast majority of businesses decided to replace traditional security guards with electronic surveillance systems. However, these tools often play a passive role, given that most of the staff only check the security recordings after the occurrence of an accident, which is the opposite of “staying vigilant and strive to keep hazards at bay”.

Highly Efficient and Secure Remote Management Solution

NineSmart thus launched the targeted “Smart Access” solution, which is an intelligent  a cloud-based multifunctional access control mobile application. Businesses can create a QR code with specific access date and time for each guest, automating the in-and-out of designated passages. Moreover, businesses can require guests to undergo onsite verification before letting in, or even unlock doors remotely just by dragging the slider on the screen, maintaining a high-level physical security from end to end.

Unlike the common “canned” cloud-based control access solutions in the market, Smart Access can be an add-on feature to enhance existing hardware without having to purchase extra sensors and locks, in other words, businesses will be able to achieve a fundamental digital transformation with minimum changes. With the flexibility to upgrade and customize, users can scale up painlessly in the future.The installation cost of Smart Access is only around 10% more than traditional access control, which is cost effective and conducive to improve the return on investment. 

The application of Smart Access is indeed very broad, it supports various application scenarios for different environments, including but not limited to co-working spaces, construction sites, gym rooms, restaurants, mini-storages, schools, private housing, hotels and more, regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor. In recognition of its excellent reliability and outstanding quality, Smart Access has been awarded the The Best IoT Cloud-based QR Code Access Control Solution, e-brand awards 2021 by e-zone as well as the PCM The 14th Biz.IT Excellence.

“Smart Access is aggressively shifting to a more comprehensive remote access and visitor management system. Apart from basic cloud-based access control, NineSmart has also introduced new modules and functions such as booking, e-payment, intercom, tablet display and public API,” Lucas Mo added.

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