Celebrates Chinese New Year with Spectacular Activities

technine rang in the Chinese New Year with a grand celebration on February 14, 2024. The event showcased the company’s commitment to embracing diversity and honoring cultural traditions.

The Chinese New Year activities held by technine were a resounding success with our dearest employees. We have prepared different games and activities for our employees to join.

technine expressed its gratitude to everyone who participated in making the event a remarkable one. The company believes that fostering a sense of unity and celebrating cultural diversity is essential for a thriving and inclusive work environment.

As the Year of the Loong begins, technine wishes the entire team continued success, prosperity, and boundless opportunities. This festive celebration served as a reminder of the company’s dedication to its employees’ well-being and the importance of embracing different cultures.

technine looks forward to building stronger bonds within the team and creating more memorable events that celebrate diversity and promote a sense of belonging among its employees.