User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design

Why is interface design and user experience so important?

Interface design and user experience, as the name implies, is to make the best user experience for web design or App design. According to the actual look and feel of the user, we are confident to create a user-friendly website or application to impress the user. Excellent interface design and system flow can give users a good impression, which will deliver the conversion rate.

We believe that the interface design and user experience must undergo careful user research. We consider precisely and solve the user’s Pain Points, and use the database and past history records during the design process, which is the most friendly experience way for the user to go through.

Why technine ?

Application Process

According to the needs of the application, the data are effectively presented through the customized interface and the usage method. The user can directly understand the operation methods of the application, thereby having a smoother user experience.

Wireframe Draft

To show the target function, interface, data type and others in the form of image map draft. It is mainly to clarify the main functions from the product in order to ensure that the user will not be at a loss of interface operation and have a more intimate experience.

Visual Draft

With the “people-oriented” design principles, we process the visual design for the product, for examples, the research of the layout color, the addition of visual elements and special effects, recommended features, to reach the level of popular layout design. To let the product’s visual perception be presented in a more specific way, allowing viewers to instantly view relevant information and achieve user goals anytime, anywhere.

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