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technine ERP CRM Booking System

Do I need a CRM and ERP system?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an interactive management system that integrates and analyzes the relationship between the company and existing customers and potential customers. For example, the customer’s consumption model provides a large amount of data to assist companies to set sales, marketing and other strategies. Companies can increase profits through generate sales.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise management system based on IT technology that provides perspectives and basic recommendations for enterprise supply chain management and resource allocation, helping companies to reduce management costs and production costs.

The ERP system manages an entire supply chain such as branch offices, factories, and distribution; the CRM system manages sales and supports marketing efforts. If you want to optimize your business more systematically, CRM and ERP systems are your inevitable choice.

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Why technine ?


We provide customized CRM and ERP systems, such as sales systems, purchasing systems, warehouse systems, accounting systems, production systems, customer relationship systems, human resources systems, etc., the benefits are tailored to the company’s current operating model and not required to significantly change the current operating methods due to the advantages of CRM and ERP systems.

Continuous Support

We can make changes to the actual situation of your company, so that the setting of CRM and ERP system can be connected to the enterprise all the time. And the operation process has the highest degree of wedge.

Data Analysis and Recommendations

Our extensive data and basic recommendations on CRM and ERP systems provide you with more detailed data analysis reports and more detailed recommendations, allowing companies to allocate resources more rationally and improve your business for developing a successful marketing strategy. Our customers can connect to CRM and ERP systems via mobile devices and telephones to monitor the business situation anytime, anywhere.

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