Kiosk System Development

What is Kiosk?

Kiosk originally refers to a small sales booth that provides convenience products for passers-by. Nowadays, it has evolved into a digital one installed with large-size touchscreen that is interactive to users. Kiosk is now commonly used in the following industries:

  • Catering: Self-ordering kiosk
  • Retail: Vending machine for snacks or drinks
  • Unmanned store: Self-serve laundromat, facilities e-booking counter
  • Shopping malls: e-Directory guide
  • Exhibition venues: Digital booth directory and map
  • Properties: e-Shopping guide in hotels, service apartments or clubhouse
  • Public facilities: Financial service kiosk, airport check-in e-counter

Kiosks are differently named based on their usage – they can be Smart Kiosk, e-Kiosk, Self-service Kiosk, Interactive Information Service Station, Sales Kiosk, Self-serve Ordering Machine and e-Directory etc.

How kiosks benefit your businesses

Kiosks help companies provide effective services to target customers. It is a highly flexible solution that allows the most customization to meet business needs.

  • Install any program to fit operations processes
  • Screen size is flexible  
  • Adopt different self-designed interactive interfaces
  • Installed into frames with different designs


Kiosk for boosting sales

technine provides Kiosk development service including Kiosk system, user interface and frame design. Our solution can be customized based on customers’ needs with innovative functions added to attract more customers!



technine Kiosk System Development Solution

Key advantages

  • Payment system integration – Octopus, WeChat Pay, AliPay and credit card etc.
  • One-stop production – software development plus Kiosk frame design
  • Customization – design of Kiosk shell that best fit corporate image

Support applications

  • Current operating systems & desktops
  • Content delivery applications
  • Ticketing applications
  • Ordering applications
  • Payment applications

Case Study: WhatsApp Sticker Photo Booth

technine developed a kiosk – “WhatsApp Sticker Photo Booth” for a marketing agency and helped attract lots of visitors in an exhibition. The agency successfully collected users basic contact details with consent onsite. Kiosk can be completely customized – from system, interface and management platform to fully meet customers’ needs.

1. Image capture: take photos for users

2. Facial recognition – identify user’s image for background removal

3. AI – remove background instantly and add decorative graphics

4. Format conversion – auto convert to WebP (WhatsApp Sticker format)

5. Social media integration – share stickers via social media/ instant messenger

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