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Is Kiosk suitable for my industry?

Kiosk is an interactive multimedia machine that allows users to get services in the form of self-service include ordering and checkout. According to the Technavio Research report, the global interactive KIOSK market is estimated to reach US$3.06 billion in 2019, reaching 347 million units. Kiosk can be functioned as delivering more efficient services to target customers while saving human resources and significantly reducing costs. Kiosk technology can be applied to all industries such as banks, public facilities, retail, catering, as well as in the form of public information stations, providing navigation services in shopping malls, department stores and other places.

technine provides Kiosk development services and masters the latest products and technologies developed. Currently, Kiosk development services are provided for major customers such as logistics and e-commerce companies. The services covers the Kiosk system and layout that tailored to your target customer needs and add unique features to the underlying architecture.

  • Support Different Operating Systems and Desktop Computers
  • Content Delivery Application
  • Ticketing Application
  • Ordering Application
  • Payment Application

Why technine ?

Connecting Payment Systems

The current electronic payment gateways such as Octopus, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Credit Card, etc., it can be applied to all our Kiosks.

One-stop Production

In addition to supporting Kiosk’s system software development, we also provide with hardware production to support services for Kiosk.


We can plan and design that conforms to the brand image base on your company’s characteristics, and provide with different body size, screen size, touch screen, body color and other options for different occasions.

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