Cloud Solution and Maintenance Support

Our company's server is unstable, what should we do?

In a time when cloud applications are booming, you should choose low-maintenance and high-quality cloud server hosting services. Cloud servers provide faster computing performance than standalone servers. When a server stops operating unexpectedly, the back-up server will immediately push up and produce the same function. Basically, you will not notice that the server has stopped. In a result, the server is more flexible and scalable, so your company’s website will always be stable.

  • Cloud Server Hosting Service
  • Server capacity and speed can be raised and lowered as needed
  • Highly resilient server resources
  • Highly secure cloud backup

Why technine ?

Cost Savings

Cloud server hosting services use remote resources to help your business for saving on hardware equipment maintenance costs, reduce human resources, and eliminate the need to rent expensive room hosting services. Cloud server hosting services include encryption certificates, server erection, system backup and recovery, and IT technical support to get the best server performance at the lowest cost.


The workload required by the cloud server can be adjusted and expanded at any time base on different situations. If your website has a growing number of visitors and your company needs to expand, you can always get resources on the cloud to support these needs. We also provide 7X24 server monitoring, using ultra-fast SSD hard drives, next-generation CPUs, 1000 GB efficient network and other configurations to serve you, so that the network maintains high quality.

Telephone Support

We provide 24-hour telephone technical support to answer any questions, anytime, anywhere on request.

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