Simplex Kiosk for Laundromat & Vending

Formed by connecting washing and drying machines to smart laundry kiosk with touchscreen to operate. Allows using desktop or mobile device to check data, monitor machines’ status for easy management.

Instant Benefits for Businesses

Centralized Management

Check branches’ sales revenue, inventory and machines’ status anytime

Pricing Adjustment

Adjust pricing of services or products based on defined sales strategies

Labor and Cost Reduction

Minimize manpower and cost as promoted by the self-serve industry

Introducing the System

Smart Kiosk

・Operate washing machine by selecting services via touchscreen
・Purchase and get laundry products via vending machine interface

Administrative Management System (AMS)

・Check all data and view a summary on dashboard
・Create or edit product/ service items and adjust pricing

Mobile Application

・Register as member to get special offer or discount
・Check machines’ using status in different branches

Simple Steps for Use

Customers can select services and place orders via kiosks or mobile app by e-payment methods

Apart from washing/ drying services, customers can purchase products like softener or washing bags.

Customers can check machines’ and washing/ drying status without waiting at the laundry

Simplex Kiosk for Laundromat & Vending
Boost your business competitiveness by providing simplest solutions to your customers

Operation Monitoring


Instant Installation

Subscription Plan

Vending Machine

Inventory Tracking


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